Women of Strength

As International Women's Day on 8th March approaches, we want to celebrate some of the most influential and powerful women in history who shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for future generations of women.

Today, we unfold the stories of three incredible women whose strength, resilience, and brilliance have echoed through the ages. Their strength, courage, and determination not only changed the course of history but also influenced our designs and perspectives.

Hypatia (370-415 AD): The First Woman Mathematician

Being the first woman known to have made substantial contributions to the fields of mathematics and astronomy, Hypatia stands as a beacon of intellectual prowess in history.

In a male-dominated era, Hypatia established a Platonist philosophy school, attracting students across the Mediterranean. With her unparalleled knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy, she challenged beliefs and inspired generations of scholars. In her short life, she also invented the hydrometer to determine the relative density of liquids and the astrolabe which was used to predict the positions of stars and planets.

Hypatia's tragic death has become a symbol of the fight for intellectual freedom and a catalyst for refining feminist philosophy. Her passion for learning and her defiance of gender norms continue to inspire us every day.

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Cleopatra (69-30 BC): The Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

Cleopatra needs little introduction; her name is synonymous with power and intrigue. Cleopatra was more than just a queen; she was a strategic leader, skilled diplomat, and patron of the arts. She ruled Egypt and other territories independently for over 20 years. Unlike other women and men in her time, Cleopatra was highly educated and spoke many languages. She famously forged alliances with Julius Caesar of Rome and later, Marcus Antonius, in her quest to maintain Egypt's independence. Of course, her legendary charm and intellect captivated these powerful men. Discover one of the greatest love affairs of history here.

Cleopatra's legacy endures in our popular culture, cinema, and art - who can forget Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra? Cleopatra remains one of the most iconic and powerful female rulers in history who defied convention, wielding power in a male-dominated world with intelligence and grace.

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Kymopoleia (Greek Mythology): The Independent Goddess Who Discovered New Seas

Whilst many female figures and deities are known for their beauty and purity in Greek mythology, Kymopoleia was known as the goddess of the stormy seas who defied her father Poseidon, venturing beyond the known seas and discovering uncharted territories for the first time.

As a female goddess, Kymopoleia broke gender barriers in mythology by carrying out daring exploratory voyages that expanded knowledge of the seas. In ancient Greek art, she is often depicted riding the waves, a formidable figure with the power to command the oceans themselves. Her courage and perseverance resonate as she overcame limitations imposed on her.

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Celebrating Strength, Courage, and Inspiration

As we honour the achievements of these remarkable women, we also celebrate the spirit of strength, courage, and inspiration they embody. Their stories remind us that throughout history, women have defied expectations, shattered barriers, and shaped the world with their vision.

This International Women's Day, let us draw inspiration from Hypatia's quest for knowledge, Cleopatra's strength, and Kymopoleia's resilience. Gift the Cleopatra Ring as a talisman for confidence, the Hypatia Earrings for determination, and the Kymopoleia Ring for resilience - whether to a special woman in your life or as a personal token of empowerment. Let their stories ignite our own journeys, reminding us that even the most impossible dreams can be achieved with courage, determination, and a touch of daring.

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