Zodiac Jewellery Gift Guide for Whimsical Pisces Souls

Dive deep into the dreamy realm of Pisces, dear stargazers! Today, we'll journey through ancient myths and captivating stories to explore the multifaceted soul of this water sign. Let's unravel the magic behind their boundless creativity and unveil a curated selection of stunning ASSUWA pieces designed to resonate with the true essence of a Pisces soul. 

History and Mythology of Pisces

The story of Pisces weaves through the tapestry of ancient Babylonian astrology and Greek mythology, each adding layers of intrigue to its magical allure. In Babylonian lore, Pisces was linked to Anunitum, the goddess of love and fertility, symbolising the life-giving waters from which all existence emerged. The Babylonians envisioned Pisces as two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, where eating fish from the former remains taboo to this day

Greek mythology adds another dimension to the Piscean tale, associating it with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. In one myth, Aphrodite and her son Eros transform into fish and jump into the river Euphrates to escape danger, later immortalised as constellations in the night sky as a token of gratitude to the fish.

Personality Traits of Pisces

Imagine the ocean - vast, mysterious, and teeming with vibrant emotions. Pisces, ruled by the dreamy Neptune, embody this very essence. They navigate life's currents with unparalleled empathy and artistry, expressing their souls through a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Birthstones and Healing Crystals of Pisces

As Pisceans navigate the depths of their emotional waters, they find solace in crystals and gemstones that mirror the tranquil energy of the sea.

Curated Jewellery Gift Guide for Pisces

We've meticulously curated a selection of sea-inspired jewellery pieces that celebrate Pisces' affinity for the sea and encapsulate their boundless imagination.

Sentio Necklace with Amethyst and Aquamarine: Infused with both of Pisces' birthstones, amethyst and aquamarine, the Sentio Necklace symbolises the intuitive wisdom and emotional depth inherent to Pisceans. It offers wearers a sense of spiritual guidance and serenity, serving as a cherished companion on their journey of self-discovery. Combine the Sentio Aquamarine Necklace with the Aphrodite Pearl Necklace for an ocean-inspired look, see the look here.

Amphitrite Ring with Amethyst and Blue Topaz: Named after the sea goddess Amphitrite, these sea-inspired rings adorned with amethyst and blue topaz capture the tranquil beauty of the sea depths, connecting Pisceans to the sea and embracing their inner strength.

Aphrodite Pearl Necklace and Bracelet: Drawing inspiration from the enchanting tale of Aphrodite, the goddess central to Pisces’ origin story, these elegant pieces adorned with pearls evoke the timeless allure of ocean treasures. They capture the essence of Pisces' romantic sensibilities, inviting wearers to embrace the magic of love and beauty.

Apollo Necklace: Named after the revered Greek god of poetry and music, this ancient coin necklace embodies Pisceans' innate creative yearning. Whether gifted to a Pisces or worn as a personal talisman, it serves as a reminder to express oneself authentically and passionately. We love layering Aphrodite Pearl Necklace with the Apollo Pendant. See how Aphrodite Pearl Necklace is layered with the Apollo Necklace.

Oceanus Ring: Crafted to emulate the fluidity of the ever-flowing sea, the Oceanus Ring embodies the boundless curiosity that defines Pisces. With its swirling design and ethereal charm, it invites wearers to dive fearlessly into the mysteries of the unknown, embracing the magic of exploration and discovery.

Tides of Curiosity Ring: Comprising a duo of Oceanus rings, this set encourages Pisceans to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Symbolising the ebb and flow of life's currents, it serves as a reminder to embrace change with courage and curiosity.

Eye of Ra Ring with Citrine: Infused with the sun’s radiant energy, the Eye of Ra Ring adorned with Citrine emboldens Pisceans to shine brightly and navigate life's challenges with confidence and courage.

As we journey alongside the captivating Pisces soul, let these ASSUWA creations, imbued with the calming energy of aquamarine, the insightful clarity of amethyst, and the empowering warmth of citrine, become treasured talismans.

Each piece, crafted by skilled artisans, is more than just an adornment; it's a connection to your deep intuition, boundless compassion, and the vast mysteries of the universe. Unleash your inner artist and dive into our collection today to discover a piece that reflects your unique Piscean magic!

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