Eternal Love Unveiled: Handcrafted Odes to History and Mythology's Greatest Lovers

Welcome to ASSUWA! Crafting history and nature into wearable art, our passion lies in telling forgotten stories from the captivating realms of the Mediterranean. And, some of these forgotten stories are about history’s and mythology’s greatest lovers. These love stories have resonated across generations, and their themes of love, passion, and sacrifice continue to inspire art, literature, and popular culture.

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're excited to introduce our curated Valentine’s Day jewellery collection paying tribute to the greatest love stories from history, literature and mythology.

Each handmade piece captures the essence of love, passion, devotion, and timeless romance. Join us in celebrating the greatest love stories through the ages!

A Love Story About Passion: The Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite

Dedicated to the iconic Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the lover of Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, our Cleopatra Ring stands as a tribute to her magnetic presence and intellect.

The Cleopatra Ring is embellished with tsavorite, representing Cleopatra's favoured gemstone colour. Tsavorite, renowned for its rejuvenating energy, is thought to boost courage and confidence - qualities that parallel the legendary charisma of Cleopatra herself.

Gift the Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite to your valentine and inspire them to explore their sensuality and confidence.

A Love Story About Protection: The Prōtegō Ring with Garnet

The Prōtegō Ring is dedicated to the powerful Roman general Marcus Antonius, the love of Cleopatra. Marcus Antonius courageously defied the boundaries of empires, fighting passionately for the woman he loved.

Adorned with garnet, believed to possess protective qualities for warriors in ancient Rome - much like Marcus Antonius who valiantly fought for Cleopatra - this Prōtegō Ring becomes a powerful symbol of strength and protection.

Gift the Prōtegō Ring with Garnet to be a shield for you and your beloved.

A Love Story About Inimitable Desire: The Lovers Ring Set with Tsavorite and Garnet

Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius, with their passionate and tumultuous love affair, changed history.

The Lovers Ring Set immortalises their love story, by stacking the Cleopatra Ring with the Prōtegō Ring.

The Lovers Ring signifies the inseparable bond between two souls destined to be together, capturing the essence of eternal love.

Gift the Lovers Ring to embrace the inimitable desire and love's transformative potential.

A Love Story About Allure: The Aphrodite Pearl Necklace

Our Aphrodite Necklace and Bracelet, adorned with pearls, pays homage to the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

As she was born from sea foams, pearls are said to symbolise Aphrodite and represent the irresistible allure of love.

Gift the Aphrodite Necklace and Bracelet with Pearls to your irresistible love.

A Love Story About Devotion: The Amphitrite Ring

Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea and the one true love of Poseidon. Seeing Amphitrite dancing, Poseidon falls deeply in love with her. To impress her, Poseidon sends a dolphin, and their love begins. Blessed by Amphitrite’s love in return, he places a constellation of dolphins among the stars.

Inspired by the love between the sea god Poseidon Amphitrite, this Amphitrite Ring with Blue Topaz is a tribute to the enduring power of true love.

Gift the Amphitrite Ring with Blue Topaz to your true love.

A Love Story About Expression: The Echo Ring

The Echo Ring narrates the poignant tale of unrequited love as Echo pines for Narcissus. Echo is a nymph who can only repeat the last words spoken to her without being able to say how she feels about Narcissus.

Gift the Echo Ring to speak your heart's desires and express your love.

A Love Story About Honour: The Galatea Earrings

The Galatea Earrings commemorate the story of Galatea, the goddess of calm seas, who turned her love into a statue to honour her beloved. The gentle waves of this piece embody the expression of devotion and eternal love, encouraging you to honour your love.

Gift the Galatea Earrings to embrace the eternal bond of love.

A Love Story About Lust: The Babylon Earrings

Dedicated to the opulent ancient city, the Babylon Earrings capture the sensational philosophy of the Babylonians. They lived lavishly and passionately.

Inspired by Babylon's ancient ruins, the Babylon earrings encourage you to follow your desires.

Gift the Babylon Earrings to reveal your desire.

This Valentine's Day, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of love stories woven into ASSUWA's curated Valentine’s Day collection.

Each piece is a testament to the enduring power of love, encapsulating the beauty, passion, and timelessness that define true romance. Embrace the spirit of love with ASSUWA, where history and nature converge to create wearable art that tells a story as unique as your own.

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