We all have a responsibility to our earth and every living creature within.

As designers and artists, we want to continue to create and design. Yet, we witness unwanted or unworn jewellery ending up in landfills whilst mining causing high carbon emissions.

The true cost is on our Mother Earth, manufacturer, worker, and people as consumers.

We want you to know that the jewellery lifecycle is broken because jewellery consumption and production are not sustainable.

So, what can be done?

100% Recycled Materials

Designed to last, we only use 100% recycled silver and gold for our jewellery.

Take care of your new talismans, and please recycle it if not wearing it. Purchase less, wear longer with our 2-year warranty programme.


Responsibly Produced

All of our materials, packaging, and designs are produced sustainably and ethically sourced. We are aiming to make our deliveries and returns carbon-neutral as well. 

We worked really hard to find the right materials to last because we know how fast fashion, and mining harms our earth. Today, we are continuing to work closely with our artisans and atelier in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, to find even more sustainable choices for our designs.


Don’t let our Garden of Eden be lost. We encourage our community to practise conscious consumerism.