Women’s Day Gift Guide

As a female-owned jewellery brand, Women’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. We were both raised and surrounded by strong women. That’s why when we created our jewellery brand, we wanted to inspire women to embrace their unique qualities and trust themselves like our family and friends did for us.

To inspire every girl and woman, we decided to unfold stories of powerful women who have left an indelible mark on the world. Each jewellery piece embodies the essence of exceptional female figures, serving as a reminder of the immense power and potential within each of us.

This is not just a Women’s Day gift guide, this carefully selected jewellery collection is an homage to the powerful women who have shaped history, mythology, and our very existence.

Let’s dive in!

Aphrodite Pearl Necklace for Beauty

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sex in Greek mythology. In an era where women’s desires were often suppressed, Aphrodite symbolised liberation and the joy of love.

As pearls are believed to be Aphrodite's tears of joy, we have dedicated this necklace to the goddess of love. Just like Aphrodite, a pearl necklace is a timeless symbol of beauty.

Gift the Aphrodite Necklace to yourself or a special woman in your life.

Hypatia Pearl Earrings for Determination

I first heard of Hypatia through my history teacher in high school. As a bookworm and a girl who was interested in history, my teacher gave me a book about Hypatia by Charles Kingsley - and I was immediately captivated by her story. So who is Hypatia?

Hypatia, the first woman to make significant contributions to mathematics and astronomy, stands as a beacon of intellectual prowess in history. In an era dominated by men, Hypatia founded a philosophy school and fearlessly challenged her contemporaries. Today, she remains a symbol of feminist philosophy, her passion for learning and defiance of gender norms continuing to inspire us.

The spirals within our Hypatia Earrings are a tribute to her inventions and pearls to her pearl earrings.

Gift the Hypatia Earrings with Pearls to yourself or an intellectual, determined woman in your life.

Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite for Confidence

Little introduction is needed for Cleopatra as Cleopatra remains an enduring symbol of inspiration for women worldwide. Ruling one of the world's largest empires independently for over two decades and captivating powerful men of her time such as Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, Cleopatra was not just a queen; she was a strategic leader, a skilled diplomat, and a sensational woman.

Our Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite, inspired by her and her favoured gemstone colour, empowers you to exude confidence and charm.

Gift the Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite to yourself or a confident, charming woman in your life.

Kymopoleia Ring for Resilience

While many goddesses in Greek mythology are revered for their beauty, Kymopoleia stands out as the goddess of the stormy seas, charting unexplored territories beyond the known waves. It is this spirit of daring exploration that inspired the design of our Kymopoleia Ring, adorned with powerful wave motifs.

Breaking gender barriers in mythology, Kymopoleia's audacious voyages expanded knowledge of the seas, showcasing unparalleled resilience. Discover more about her captivating story.

Gift the Kymopelia Ring to yourself or a resilient, independent woman in your life.

Kybele Earrings with Pearls for Creation

Kybele, the Great Mother goddess, is revered across various cultures as a symbol of creation, nurturing, and life itself. Drawing from depictions of Kybele in Ancient Greek and Anatolian art, our Kybele Earrings blend symbolism to create a unique interpretation.

Just as Kybele guides life on Earth, these earrings serve as a reminder of the profound power women hold in creating and nurturing life, both physically and metaphorically.

Gift the Kybele Earrings to yourself or a strong, nurturing woman in your life.

Bee of Ephesus Necklace for Strength

An original coin from the ancient city of Ephesus, the bee on this necklace represents Artemis, the untamed goddess of the wilderness and creation. Unlike goddesses associated with domesticity, Artemis embodied characteristics of independence, freedom, strength, and the untamed spirit within women. The story of Artemis challenged traditional gender roles and empowered women to see themselves beyond societal limitations.

Artemis’ story serves as a reminder to embrace your strength, independence, and autonomy. 

Gift the Bee of Ephesus Necklace to yourself or a strong, independent woman in your life.

Gaia Earrings for Creation

Gaia is the Greek goddess of earth aka the Mother Earth. Gaia embodies concepts of nourishment, growth, and interconnectedness, fostering unity and respect for all living beings.

As Gaia symbolises transformative and regenerative power, we designed Gaia Earrings with the ever-regenerative texture of nature.

Gift the Gaia Earrings to yourself or a compassionate, nurturing woman in your life.

Tides of Curiosity Ring for Curiosity

Oceanus, the mighty river encircling the known world in Ancient Greece, inspires our Tides of Curiosity Ring. Crafted with a flowing texture reminiscent of a river's ever-changing nature, this ring set encourages exploration into the unknown.

In a world that seeks to define and limit women, a sense of curiosity empowers us to stay true to our authentic selves, continuously learn and grow, and pursue our dreams with unwavering passion.

Gift the Tides of Curiosity Ring Set to yourself or a curious woman in your life.

We invite you to explore our curated collection and choose a piece that resonates with your own unique story. As you wear these talismans of strength, spirit, and inspiration, let them connect you to the groundbreaking women of history who continue to inspire us. Their stories of courage, achievement and vision are timeless.

Here's to the women who inspire us, the goddesses who dwell within us, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Happy Women's Day from ASSUWA!

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