Zodiac Jewellery Gift Guide for Aquarius Souls

Greetings, celestial enthusiasts! It's the era of Aquarius, and at ASSUWA, we're diving into the creative, intellectual, rebellious, and humanitarian energy of this extraordinary zodiac sign. Join us as we explore the personality traits of Aquarians, the Aquarius birthstone and healing crystals, and, most importantly, discover meaningful gifts that resonate with their unique spirit.

Aquarius: Mythology and Symbolism

Aquarius, meaning "water bearer" or "water carrier," finds its roots in ancient Greek and Mesopotamian cultures. The symbol originates from the Babylonian god Ea, representing wisdom, freshwater, and magic. The imagery of a water jug or vase in Babylonian depictions aligns seamlessly with the water-bearing symbol of Aquarius.

Despite the water-related symbolism, Aquarius is an air sign in astrology, placing it as the eleventh sign in the zodiac, spanning from January 20th to February 18th.

Getting to Know Aquarius

  • Independent: Aquarians value freedom and independence, navigating life on their own terms without compromising their ideals or morals.
  • Unique: Known for their unconventional and creative mindset, Aquarians embrace their role as dreamers and originals, much like the iconic Yoko Ono.
  • Intellectual: As an air sign, Aquarius is deeply intellectual, curious, and socially engaged. Think of them as the Alice in Wonderland of the zodiac – endlessly curious and independent.
  • Humanitarian: With a deep passion for the earth and its inhabitants, Aquarians champion social causes and strive to make the world a better place, reminiscent of philosopher Bertrand Russell.
  • Rebellious: Aquarians resist conformity, enjoying exploring ethically grey areas and challenging norms. Their rebellious streak is a defining trait.
  • Idealistic: Guided by high ideals and a strong sense of justice, Aquarians aspire to bring positive change to the world, echoing the visionary spirit of figures like Hypatia.

When selecting jewellery gifts for an Aquarius, it can be beneficial to consider their unique personality traits and style preferences. Aquarians appreciate individuality, unconventional aesthetics, sustainability, and artisan.

The Aquarius Birthstone and Healing Crystals

Amethyst: Aiding in higher consciousness, Amethyst serves as the birthstone for Aquarius, resonating with their quest for understanding and awareness.

Aquamarine: Symbolizing serenity and enhanced communication, Aquamarine, associated with the water element, complements the Aquarian spirit.

Garnet: Known for passion and courage, Garnet fosters energy, commitment, and determination, aligning with the resilient nature of Aquarians.

Curated Jewellery Gift Guide for Aquarians

We're delighted to present a curated collection of handcrafted jewellery for the wonderful outcasts of the zodiac sign: the Aquarians.

Amphitrite Ring with Amethyst:

Embodying the birthstone of Aquarius, this Amphitrite ring pays homage to the sea goddess Amphitrite, reflecting the water element.

Sentio Necklace with Amethyst:

"Sentio," meaning to feel and experience, embodies the Aquarius birthstone, encouraging deeper perception and connection.

Sentio Necklace with Aquamarine:

Incorporating the water-themed motif, this necklace featuring aquamarine promotes soothing energies and clear communication.

Eureka Earrings:

Inspired by Archimedes' eureka moment and the inquisitive spirit of Aquarians, these pieces celebrate intellectual pursuits and the joy of discovery.

Kymopoleia Ring:

Named after the Greek goddess of stormy seas, this ring symbolizes independence, rebellion, and uniqueness – traits synonymous with Aquarians.

Atlantis Necklace:

Drawing inspiration from Plato's Atlantis allegory, this necklace embodies the compassionate, humanitarian, and idealistic facets of Aquarius.

Hypatia Earrings:

A tribute to the brilliant mathematician Hypatia, these earrings embrace Aquarian traits of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge.

Miletus Lion Necklace:

The lion, representing Miletus, the birthplace of scientific philosophy, is accompanied by the sun symbolizing Apollo. This original ancient coin necklace encapsulates the intellect, wisdom, and passion for philosophy cherished by Aquarians.

Tides of Curiosity Ring Set:

Dive into the ebb and flow of Aquarian curiosity with our Tides of Curiosity Ring Set. Each ring in this collection embodies a different facet of the inquisitive and deep-thinking Aquarian spirit.

Maurice Necklace:

Known for his reign marked by constant warfare, this original ancient coin dedicated to Byzantine Emperor Maurice symbolizes the Aquarian commitment to the relentless pursuit of dreams, intellectual prowess, and social engagement.

Bee of Ephesus Necklace:

From the ancient city of Ephesus emerges our Bee of Ephesus Necklace, featuring an original coin. Originally the symbol of an early Anatolian goddess, the bee represents the magic of creation and healing, making it a perfect addition for the imaginative Aquarian.

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for an Aquarius is all about unconventional aesthetics, individuality, meaning and uniqueness. We wanted to reflect the essence of an Aquarian with this curated jewellery collection. Whether you’re gifting to yourself, or your unique Aquarius loved one, these gifts are sure to resonate with the beautiful mind and heart of an Aquarius.

Each piece is crafted to be a meaningful and sustainable work of art inspired by the stories of the Mediterranean and Aegean realms. Happy gifting, and let art and nature adorn your journey!

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