Honouring Powerful Mothers: A Mother's Day Gift Guide

As Mother's Day draws near, it’s time to celebrate all the amazing mothers, grandmothers, aunties and mother figures in your life with a special piece of jewellery inspired by strong female icons from mythology and history. From the nurturing figures of mythology to the strong maternal figures in history, we've curated a special Mother’s Day gift guide.

Each piece of jewellery represents the diverse roles and stories of motherhood - from goddesses of creation to fertility icons and independent women who defied norms as powerful matriarchs.

For the Mother Who Embodies Grace and Beauty

The Aphrodite Necklace with Pearls - Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Pearls symbolise purity, wisdom, and nurturing, making them a cherished gift for any mother. This classic pearl strand is a timeless gift for the mother whose inner and outer beauty shines.

For the Mother Who Gives Life and Love

The Gaia Earrings - In Greek mythology, Gaia was the primordial Mother Earth goddess who gave birth to the earth, sky, mountains and sea. She represents the fertile source from which all life springs. Let the Gaia earrings embody her strength and nurturing spirit, celebrating the essence of motherhood in its most profound form.

For the Mother Who Creates and Provides

The Kybele Earrings - The Anatolian goddess Kybele, was a strong mother figure and protector, as well as the goddess of nature, fertility and creation. These sculptural earrings celebrate mothers as the creators and providers of life.

For the Mother Who Inspires Strength and Resilience

The Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite - The last Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra was a powerful, cunning ruler who did whatever it took to protect her children and her reign. Celebrate a mother's independence and strength with this Cleopatra ring featuring her vibrant tsavorite gemstone.

For the Mother Who Unwaveringly Loves

The Amphitrite Ring with Blue Topaz or Amethyst - In Greek lore, Amphitrite was the goddess of the ocean and wife of Poseidon. She was the nurturing mother to sea creatures and her mighty daughter Kymopoleia who is one of the strongest female figures in Greek mythology. Capture the essence of motherhood and the vastness of the sea with this Amphitrite ring, a tribute to the mother of sea life.

Gifts from the Heart, Chosen by Our Own Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmothers:

In addition to these mythological muses, we also have a special selection of jewellery handpicked by our own beloved matriarchs. These pieces were chosen for their timeless beauty and symbolism of maternal love.

  • Nympha Ring with Smoky Quartz: This ring, chosen by our co-founder Selin’s beautiful mother Irem, features a smoky quartz gemstone known for its grounding and protective properties, symbolising wisdom and grace.
  • Nazar Necklace with Evil Eye: This Nazar necklace, a popular choice among our Mediterranean family, embodies protection and warding off negativity, reflecting the desire to keep loved ones safe.
  • Parthenope Necklace: Named after a siren known for her captivating voice, the Parthenope Necklace was chosen by our co-founder Ipek’s mother Nilufer. The Parthenope Necklace exudes love and allure.
  • Hypatia Earrings with Pearls: These Hypatia earrings, featuring elegant pearls, pay homage to a strong female figure known for her wisdom and courage, qualities often associated with mothers. A perfect choice by our enchanting aunties.

Paying homage to the essence of motherhood in all its forms, each piece in this collection is a tribute to the strength, love, and beauty that mothers bring into our lives.

No matter who you're celebrating this Mother's Day - be it a single mom, mother-to-be, doting grandmother or cherished aunt - honour her with a meaningful gift that tells the story of strength, courage and unconditional love by history's greatest mothers.

Which piece speaks to the mother figure in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's celebrate the magic of motherhood together.

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