6 Tips on How to Uniquely Stack Your Rings

As an art lover and jewellery designer, I find myself focusing on the jewellery in famous Renaissance paintings when I’m in a museum. Inspired by art and collective memory, today I want to share how to stack rings to create a unique and personalised look that truly stands out. 

Rings are a classic piece of jewellery that can add a touch of elegance and meaning to any outfit - whether it’s for daily wear or for a wedding to attend. Here are some tips on how to uniquely stack your rings:

1. Start with a base ring: To create a cohesive and balanced look, start by selecting a base ring. This should be a ring that fits comfortably on your finger and is simple enough to complement other rings. A classic band or a thin metal ring with a small stone are excellent choices for a base ring.

We love using Eye of Ra and Echo as the base ring. The Eye of Ra’s powerful citrine stone and Echo’s voluminous statement look make the perfect base ring. You can then stack it with delicate rings like Cleopatra, Protego, Mehen or Oceanus.

2. Mix and match metals: Don't be afraid to mix and match different metals. Silver, gold, and rose gold can be paired together to create a stunning look. However, make sure that the colours complement each other to avoid a clash. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been stacking my silver Oceanus and gold Oceanus ring together - and I’ve received great compliments about it!

3. Play with different textures: Another way to add depth and interest to your ring stack is by playing with different textures. A hammered ring, a braided ring, or a ring with an intricate pattern can be paired with simpler bands to create a stunning combination. I love how my beautiful co-founder Selin stacked her Mehen, Protego, and Oceanus rings together on one finger, and then Eye of Ra on another. This unique combination received much attention!

4. Vary the width: Stacking rings of different widths can help create a more dynamic and interesting look. A wide band can be paired with thinner rings to create balance, while multiple thin bands can create a delicate and feminine look.

Here’s an example of how our beloved friend and muse Idil used stacked her Mehen, Kymopoleia, Eye of Ra, Cleopatra, Oceanus, and Protego rings for a wedding! She then combined it with her elegant Aphrodite bracelet to create a graceful and stunning look.

5. Add a statement ring: A statement ring can help elevate your ring stack and add a touch of personality. A large gemstone or an intricate design can serve as a focal point and create a stunning contrast with simpler bands. Even though our Amphitrite and Echo rings are a statement on their own, I really like stacking them together. This creates a much more bold look.

6. Consider the shape: When stacking rings, consider the shape of the rings. For example, a curved ring can fit snugly around a solitaire ring, while a V-shaped ring can be stacked with a straight band to create a unique and eye-catching combination.


When stacking rings, it's important to maintain balance. This means creating a harmonious combination that complements your hand and doesn't overwhelm it. Feel free to experiment and try different combinations until you find the perfect balance.

Stacking rings can be a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your jewellery collection. With these tips, you can create a beautiful and balanced ring stack that truly reflects your personal style. So go ahead and experiment with different combinations to create a look that's uniquely yours! Follow us on our Instagram page to get inspired @assuwa.jewellery every day :)

Lastly, here are my favourite ring stacking ideas from paintings that I’ve collected!

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