The Symbolism of Colours and How to Choose Your Own Gemstone

The Symbolism of Colours and How to Choose Your Own Gemstone

Picasso once said, "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions". Close your eyes, and imagine seeing an immense red stone. How would you feel? It would probably make your heart jump, you would feel the passion, lust, and energy of that precious red crystal.

If you think about it each gemstone and colour represents an idea, an emotion, or a meaning. The symbolism of colours may vary across cultures but it is certain that colour influences perceptions and can cause certain emotions in people. Just like looking at Monet’s waterlilies and feeling the serenity.

In this blog post, we will explore the symbolism of colours since ancient times and how to choose your own gemstone based on its colour.

The Symbolism of Colors:


Red is a colour of passion, love, lust, and energy. It is often associated with danger, anger, and blood. In many cultures, red is the colour of good luck and prosperity. Red gemstones, such as ruby and garnet, are often used to symbolise love, protection, strength and passion.

For instance, garnet was used as a talisman for protection both by warriors going into battle and travellers for protection and strength in Ancient Rome and Greece. Marcus Antonius, one of the biggest Roman generals and the lover of Cleopatra, for whom he fights countless wars used to carry a garnet with him all the time.


Orange is a warm and vibrant colour, associated with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy. It is often used to represent happiness and fun. Orange gemstones, such as citrine and fire opal, are said to promote creativity and optimism.


Yellow is a cheerful and sunny colour, associated with happiness, optimism, and enlightenment. It is often used to represent knowledge and wisdom. Yellow gemstones, such as topaz and yellow sapphire, are believed to enhance concentration and mental clarity.


Green is a colour of nature, growth, and balance. It is often associated with health, wealth, and prosperity. Green gemstones, such as emeralds and peridot, are said to promote healing, balance, and harmony.


Blue is a calming and soothing colour, associated with peace, tranquillity, and spirituality. It is often used to represent loyalty, trust, and wisdom. Blue gemstones, such as sapphire and aquamarine, are believed to stimulate inner peace and emotional stability.


Purple is a colour of royalty, luxury, and spirituality. It is often associated with creativity, intuition, and magic. Purple gemstones, such as amethyst and purple sapphire, are said to promote spiritual growth and enhance intuition.

How to Choose Your Own Gemstone:

When choosing a gemstone, it is important to consider not only its colour but also its properties and energy. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gemstone for you:

    1. Consider your intention: What do you want to achieve or manifest in your life? Different gemstones have different properties and energies that can help you with various intentions, such as love, abundance, protection, or healing.
    2. Choose a colour that resonates with you: What colour do you feel drawn to? What colours make you feel happy, calm, or energized? Your intuition and personal preferences can guide you in choosing the right colour for you.
    3. Research the properties and meanings of different gemstones: Each gemstone has its own unique properties and meanings, based on its colour, composition, and energy. Do some research to learn more about the gemstones that interest you, and choose the one that aligns with your intention and resonates with you.
    4. Choose a high-quality gemstone: When buying a gemstone, make sure to choose a high-quality stone that has been ethically sourced and certified. A good quality gemstone will have a clear colour, good clarity, and no visible flaws or inclusions.
  • Check your birthstone: Birthstones are gems that are associated with your birth month and zodiac sign. By carrying your birthstone, you can embrace the healing power of the universe. Discover your birthstone here.













    In Conclusion

    Colours and gemstones have been used for centuries to symbolize and enhance different aspects of our lives. Whether you choose a gemstone based on its colour, properties, or energy, it can serve as a powerful tool for manifestation, healing, and personal growth. By understanding the symbolism of colours and the properties of gemstones, you can choose the right gemstone for you and harness its power to create the life you desire.

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