Sands of Time, Waves of Beauty: Philosophy of Sun & Sea

The sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas have captivated hearts for millennia, inspiring philosophers, poets, artists, and entire civilizations. Agnes Varda, an iconic French director and an angry feminist, once said that ‘it’s important to always be by the sea. The sea is the element of love.’ Growing up along these beautiful coasts, Selin and I forged a deep connection to the sea and the spirit of nature. While Selin explored the waves, connecting with the ancient spirits of nature, Ipek found inspiration in how the sea shaped aesthetics and philosophy.

For us, these vast expanses are more than just beautiful landscapes – they are the cradle of life, mythology, art, and civilisation.  Through our jewellery, we aim to capture the essence of these storied waters—reflecting their movement and flow. It's that moment when you feel at one with the water, capable of anything, touched by a hint of magic.

Today, we are excited to share with you our philosophy of the sun and sea, while unveiling the stories behind each design in our 'Memory of the Sea' collection. We will explore how we crafted them, where we drew our inspirations from, and the symbolism behind each piece. As we explore these designs, we also want to emphasise the critical importance of preserving our seas. These waters that have inspired us and countless others are precious and vulnerable, deserving of our protection and care.

Join us on this journey through the depths of the Mediterranean and Aegean, as we translate their timeless beauty and profound significance into wearable art.

Philosophy of the Sea

Water has long been considered the cradle of philosophy, and according to Thales of Miletus (c. 600 BC), it is the cradle of all things. Thales believed water to be the arche, the fundamental principle from which all things originated. This idea challenged the existing mythological explanations of the world and placed the sea at the very source of existence.

Even before Thales, the concept of the ocean as the source of all things was present in Greek mythology.  The powerful Oceanus, depicted as a "deep-flowing ruler" and father of gods, embodied the vastness and power of the sea. These early beliefs, while not as scientific as Thales' theory,  demonstrate the deep connection the Mediterraneans felt with the ocean. Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher, echoed this sentiment, expressing a deep kinship with the Mediterranean Sea, which he called "Mare Nostrum" (Our Sea).

But why does the sea hold such a powerful sway over us?  Why do we find solace in the rhythm of the waves, why do we believe the ocean can wash away our troubles, and why does it draw us in during times of emotional turmoil?  What is the sea, and what does it signify? Like us, modern philosophers such as Scholtz, Jaspers and Camus were influenced by the ocean's vastness and teeming life.

 “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoul ders. But man has only to sink beneath the surface, and he is free. Buoyed by water, he can fly in any direction—up, down, sideway — by merely flipping his hand. Underwater, man be comes an archangel.” - Jacques‐Yves Cousteau

Albert Camus portrays the sea as a sensual entity, describing it with terms that evoke intimacy and euphoria, similar to the sensations of being close to a lover in his book ‘The Stranger’. For Camus, the coastal experience, with its "sun, kisses, and arousing smells,"  created a euphoria that surpassed the mundane activities of city life. And, we cannot agree more.

Now, let's delve into how this philosophy of the sea has shaped our thoughts and designs!

Memory of the Sea Collection

For each piece, we employed the ancient lost wax technique, which allowed us to recreate the fluid movement of water in solid form, resulting in a piece that feels alive on the wearer.

The God of the Oceans: The Oceanus Ring

Oceanus, the Titan god of the ocean, represented all waters. Our Oceanus Ring captures this essence with its flowing texture, reminiscent of waves washing over sand. We designed it to evoke water's fluidity in your hands, inviting curiosity about the unknown depths. This piece connects you to the ocean's power and mystery, echoing the mythical realm of Oceanus itself.

The Goddess of the Sea: The Amphitrite Ring

Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea, and the one true love of Poseidon in Greek mythology. The Amphitrite Ring embodies the mesmeriing blue hues and the vast, mysterious expanse of the sea. Set with blue topaz that mirror the Mediterranean sea, the Amphitrite ring is a testament to the enduring beauty and strength of the ocean.

The Goddess of the Calm Seas: The Galatea Earrings

Galatea, the goddess of calm seas in Greek mythology, inspires our Galatea Hoop Earrings. These pieces embody the grace and beauty of the Mediterranean's gentle waves.The flowing texture whispers of gentle waves, inviting you to carry a piece of serenity with you wherever you go.

The Goddess of the Storym Seas: The Kymopoleia Ring

Kymopoleia, the goddess of sea storms, lends her name to our Kymopoleia Ring. This piece captures the tempestuous spirit of the sea with stormy and swirling wave designs. As Kymopoleia was one of the strongest female figures in greek mythology, we want this ring to be a symbol of resilience and strength. 

The Goddess Born from the Sea: The Aphrodite Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

Aphrodite, born from sea foam, is the goddess of beauty and love. Pearls, those organic gems nurtured by the sea itself, become a metaphor for the way beauty emerges from nature's patient processes. We handpicked each pearl to evoke the goddess’s emergence from the sea. Aphrodite Pearl Necklace and Pearl Bracelet represents the timeless beauty and sensuality of nature.

Through each of these designs, we invite you to wear a story shaped by the sands of time and the waves of beauty. The Mediterranean and Aegean seas serve as our muses, guiding us in crafting pieces that connect us to the timeless rhythm of the Mediterranean—the flow of waves, the gradual formation of pearls. Each piece is a reminder of our place in the grand tapestry of nature and history.

Our commitment to sustainability and traditional craftsmanship reflects our deep respect for the environment that inspires us. By employing the ancient lost-wax technique, we not only create unique textures reminiscent of natural forms but also minimise mass consumption and honour age-old artistic traditions. We believe in small batches and "imperfect perfections," akin to the slow, meaningful processes of nature. In a world that often feels disconnected from nature and what we truly are, Assuwa pieces invite you to pause, reflect, and reconnect with the collective memory of the natural world.

Discover the full range of Assuwa’s sea-inspired jewellery and let the philosophy of sun and sea adorn your life with beauty and history. Visit our website or contact us for more information on how these ancient waters have shaped our artistic vision and how they can become part of your personal expression of style and elegance.

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