ASSUWA's Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

Are you seeking to gift something truly special this holiday season? This Christmas, we invite you to delve into the enchanting realms of the Mediterranean and Aegean through our meticulously designed meaningful jewellery collection. Each piece unfolds a forgotten tale, showcasing mythological figures, historical icons, and philosophical concepts that empowers and inspires you.

Let us guide you through our curated selection, perfect for gifting this festive season.

  1. Aphrodite Bracelet & Necklace

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is brought to life through our exquisite Aphrodite Bracelet and Necklace. Adorned with delicate pearls, this Aphrodite pearl necklace and bracelet capture the essence of love and grace. Give the gift of Aphrodite to symbolize love, beauty, and devotion, making it a meaningful present for someone you cherish.

P.S. Pearls are said to be the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite.

  1. Babylon Earrings

Inspired by the ancient city of Babylon, these earrings showcase an intricate blend of history and artistry. Babylon was a symbol of grandeur and opulence, and our Babylon Earrings echo that sentiment. Gift these earrings to evoke a sense of majesty and elegance in the recipient.

  1. Cleopatra Ring

Cleopatra, the famed Egyptian queen known for her beauty and intellect, is embodied in our Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite. With an alluring green tsavorite, our Cleopatra Ring exudes regal allure, making it a perfect gift for someone who appreciates sophistication and charm.

  1. Protego Ring

The Protego Ring with Garnet, named after the Latin word for "protect," embodies the strength and resilience of its wearer. The Prōtegō Ring crafted to be a shield for you and your beloved. Gift this ring to convey your wish for protection and empowerment.

  1. Gaia Earring

Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth, inspires our Gaia Earring. Symbolizing the nurturing essence of the Earth, these earrings are a reminder of our connection to nature’s grace. Present these earrings as a token of appreciation for their nurturing and caring presence.

  1. Kymopoleia Ring

Inspired by the goddess of stormy seas, and one of the strongest female figures in Greek mythology, the Kymopoleia Ring represents courage and determination. With its wavy figures, gift this Kymopoleia ring to honor someone's resilience and bravery in navigating the waves of love.

  1. Hypatia Earrings

Hypatia, one of the first female philosopher and mathematician’s in history, serves as the muse for our Hypatia Earrings. These earrings celebrate intellect and wisdom, making them a perfect choice for the thoughtful and analytical individual in your life.

  1. Nazar Necklace

A symbol of protection against the evil eye, the Nazar Necklace carries cultural significance in the Mediterranean. Gift this necklace to convey your well wishes and protection to the recipient, a meaningful gesture of care and love.

  1. Sentio Necklace

Our Sentio Necklace, inspired by the Latin word for "to feel" or "to sense," embodies intuition and connection with oneself. Gift this necklace to encourage self-awareness and mindfulness, a gift that holds a deeper meaning for the wearer.

This Christmas, explore the enchanting world of ASSUWA's Mediterranean jewellery collection and choose pieces that resonate with the unique tales and spirits of your loved ones. Every gift becomes a piece of history and nature, a timeless reminder of the richness of our past and the beauty of our world. Celebrate the magic of the season with ASSUWA, and make this Christmas unforgettable with our inspired jewellery.

Discover more at ASSUWA Jewellery and unfold the tales of history and nature in wearable art. Happy gifting!

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