ASSUWA's Extraordinary Christmas Gifts for Him

As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect Christmas gift begins. If you're looking to astonish him with a unique and meaningful present, ASSUWA presents a collection that intertwines history, nature, and artistry. Every piece of ASSUWA jewellery unravels a forgotten tale from the Mediterranean and Aegean, portraying mythological figures, historical icons, and philosophical concepts.

This Christmas, immerse and empower him with our carefully curated selection of handcrafted talismans.

  1. Emperor Bracelet & Necklace

This is an original Byzantine necklace for their Emperors. Embrace the grandeur and power of ancient emperors with our Emperor Bracelet and Necklace. These pieces exude authority and strength, making them an ideal gift for a man who values leadership and confidence.

  1. Echo Silver Ring

The Echo Silver Ring embodies the captivating tale of Echo, a nymph of Greek mythology. Gift this ring to symbolize the power of one's voice and the beauty of communication.

  1. Kymopoliea Silver Ring

Kymopoliea means "wave-tamer," in Greek representing resilience and strength. Gift this Kymopoleia Silver ring to remind him of his strength and determination.

  1. Oceanus Silver Ring

Inspired by Oceanus, the ancient Greek Titan of the ocean, this ring embodies vastness and depth. Present this Oceanus ring to evoke a sense of adventure and the exploration of uncharted waters.

  1. Silver Snake Chain

A classic and versatile piece, the Silver Snake Chain is a timeless accessory that complements any style. Gift this chain to elevate his everyday look with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

  1. Atlantis Necklace

The Atlantis Necklace, inspired by the legendary lost city of Atlantis, embodies mystery and intrigue. Gift this necklace to pique his curiosity and spark conversations about ancient myths and civilizations.

  1. Miletus Lion Necklace

Crafted from an original ancient coin from the city of Miletus in Turkey. Symbolizing strength and courage, this Miletus Lion necklace is a perfect gift for someone who embodies these virtues.


Each piece in ASSUWA's collection is a blend of artistry and historical significance. The Christmas season is the perfect time to present these carefully crafted treasures, allowing him to connect with the enchanting narratives of the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Discover more at ASSUWA Jewellery and unfold the forgotten stories of history and nature in wearable art. Surprise him with a legendary Christmas gift that will be etched in his memory for years to come.

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