ASSUWA's Designs in the Enigmatic Hues of Principle Magazine's PVRIS Cover

Today, we're thrilled to share our latest venture into the world of digital artistry with the spotlight on our Echo Ring and other designs in the Principle Magazine.

The Principle Magazine showcases the planet’s leading talent, and this month, they covered the acclaimed American pop-rock band PVRIS and their intriguing frontwoman, Lynn Gunn. If you’re following PVRIS, you probably know their fourth album EVERGREEN was released this summer, and Lynn Gunn’s influential essence within the LGBT and music industry.

Lynn Gunn is a prominent LGBT voice in the alternative music scene. In an interview for Rolling Stone, Gunn said that she first came out as gay to her parents when she was 18, by leaving a letter under her mother's pillow before she went on tour. Besides her activism for LGBT rights, she says "First and foremost I want to be known as an artist and creative before anything else’’. Furthermore, she discusses what it means to be an artist, what inspires her, and what she dreams of.

That’s why seeing Lynn Gunn wearing our ASSUWA Jewellery and talking about their music and aspirations truly made our day. We believe that this editorial photo shoot is a celebration of artistry and a testament to the harmonious intersection of music and jewelry.

We also couldn’t stop ourselves from thinking about the beautiful destiny that Gunn chose to wear the Echo Ring on her photo shoot for Principle Magazine. Because our Echo Ring is inspired by the nymph Echo who can only repeat the last words spoken to her without being able to say how she feels. With our Echo Ring, we want to inspire people to speak their heart's desires and express their love. And, this is exactly what Lynn Gunn stands for and does with her music. Isn’t that marvellous?

In an intimate moment of reflection, you can see that Lynn Gunn's pose perfectly encapsulates the ethos of ASSUWA—personal, reflective, and artistic. The play of shadows and reflections in the shoot adds an ethereal quality, elevating the jewelry to more than adornment but a profound storytelling medium.

Thanks to the photographer David Yeo, the rich, warm hues dominating the photo shoot serve as a visual feast for the audience. The choice of reds and burgundies not only complements the vibrancy of PVRIS's music but also adds an intimate touch to the narrative. It's a reflection of passion, emotion, and the allure that both music and jewelry share.

The Principle Magazine is becoming the voice of the world's greatest talents and artists, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their voice with our unique narrative-driven jewelry. 

As we continue to make waves in the intersection of art, and nature, we invite enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to explore our collections and witness the magic of storytelling through our pieces.

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