ASSUWA's Curated Jewellery Collection for Gifts Under £100

Welcome to ASSUWA Jewellery, where history and nature are crafted into wearable art. Each ASSUWA piece embodies the forgotten stories of the Mediterranean and Aegean, making them more than just jewellery; they are glimpses into a magical past.

In this blog post, we present a curated selection of exquisite Assuwa jewellery, all priced under £100, perfect for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or during the festive season.

Discover the magic of ancient tales and the allure of affordable luxury.

Anatolia Earrings

Elegance from Ancient Lands

Our Anatolia Earrings pay homage to the ancient Anatolian region, blending grace and sophistication. As Anatolia refers to the direction where the sun rises in Ancient Greece, these Anatolia Earrings would be a perfect gift for someone who lights you and appreciates timeless beauty.

Aphrodite Pearl Bracelet

Grace and Love in a Bracelet

Named after the goddess of love, beauty, and grace, the Aphrodite Pearl Bracelet is a manifestation of grace. Gift this to a loved one, embracing the themes of love and beauty.

Cleopatra Ring with Tsavorite

Royal Opulence on Your Fingertips

Dedicated to one of the strongest female figures in history, this Cleopatra ring exudes regal charm, confidence and timeless beauty. Channel the queenly spirit with the Cleopatra Ring, a true jewel under £100.

Prōtegō Ring with Garnet

Testament to Unwavering Love and Protection

Inspired by Marcus Antonius, the Prōtegō Ring captures the essence of love and its protective energy. Wear this Prōtegō ring with garnet just like Marcus Antonius carried his garnet into battle. The Prōtegō Ring is crafted to be a shield for you and your beloved wherever you go, and it's yours for less than £100.

Emperor Bracelet

Commanding Presence, Affordable Luxury

Feel the aura of an emperor with our Emperor Bracelet. An original Byzantine design for their Emperors, depicting the unique dialect between abstract and Hellenistic form of art. Command attention and radiate confidence with this distinctive piece, priced under £100.

Eureka Earrings

A Talisman for Uniqueness and Discovery

Eureka Earrings embodies the spirit of discovery and uniqueness. A great gift for someone looking to explore and express themselves. Our Eureka Earrings are great for daily wear, a talisman that they can carry every day with them.

Kymopoleia Ring

Powerful Waves, Timeless Beauty

Inspired by the Greek stormy sea goddess Kymopoleia, this ring mirrors the strength and resilience. An excellent choice for someone who is resilient, caring and drawn to the beauty of the sea. Dive into style and elegance with the Kymopoleia Ring, priced affordably under £100.

Mehen Ring

Majestic Serpent, Majestic Style

Mehen Ring draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian game which was played by Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius. A unique and symbolic gift for someone who is playful with a penchant for ancient cultures.

Oceanus Ring

Unveiling the Depths of Beauty

Oceanus Ring captures the essence of the ocean's depths, reflecting its ever-changing beauty. Ideal for gifting to someone who appreciates the mysteries of the deep, curious and passionate.

Snake Silver Chain

A Serpent's Whispers, Around Your Neck

The Snake Silver Chain carries the mystique and symbolism of the serpent, adding a unique touch to your style. Let this chain whisper tales of history and nature as it adorns your neck, available for under £100. A versatile gift for someone who enjoys symbolism and distinct accessories.

Unveiling Mediterranean & Aegean Inspired Jewellery under £100

ASSUWA's collection of affordable jewellery under £100 invites you to embrace the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean, all while cherishing the stories of the past. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a Christmas gift, these remarkable pieces carry the essence of history and nature, making them meaningful and timeless.

Make a statement and celebrate life's special moments with ASSUWA, where every piece is a tribute to the allure of history and nature.

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