ASSUWA Jewellery Gracing the Cover and Spotlighted in The Perfect Man Magazine

Oh my! We have great news!

We are thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of The Perfect Man Magazine. Dedicated to “the perfect form and presentation of the male aesthetic”, The Perfect Man Magazine brings life to a Greek god fashion fantasy.

As ASSUWA's creations unfold forgotten stories, and bring life into mythological characters, gods and goddesses of the Mediterranean and Aegean realms, it was the perfect choice for The Perfect Man Magazine.

For the cover, Emmanuel Alli becomes a Herculean-god with his armour, strong gaze, and his Emperor Bracelet.

ASSUWA’s Emperor Bracelet, Aphrodite Bracelet, Bee of Ephesus Necklace, Leda Necklace, Maurice Necklace, Hercules Necklace, Ojo Choker, Oceanus Rings and Dainty Chain embody the spirit of emperors, gods, and historical figures of the Mediterranean and Aegean realms whilst adorning the pages and the cover of The Perfect Man Magazine.

Our philosophy echoes through our handcrafted designs, inviting our wearers to embrace a connection to the magnificent cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean and Aegean, replete with emperors, gods, and historical icons.

As ASSUWA takes its place at the forefront of The Perfect Man Magazine, it unveils a mythical odyssey that merges the past with the present, inviting everyone to embark on an enchanting journey through time and artistry.

To explore more of our creations and dive into the fascinating world of ASSUWA, visit our shop and discover jewellery that whispers ancient stories.


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